BUY ONE GET ONE FREE fast-fired pizzas and farm fresh salads

Offer valid 30 days from when original email is received.  

To use online, type in code "GUSTO19" when checking out on the Gusto Farm to Street website or mobile app

Terms and Conditions: Buy one pizza or salad and get one free of equal or lesser value. Restrictions apply. Discount cannot exceed $9.95. Not valid with any other offer or discount. Limit one per customer. We reserve the right to refuse service. Not redeemable for cash. Not valid where prohibited or restricted.  


We want you to like us, we do, but we don’t like confusion spilling over into our restaurants, it’s not one of our local ingredients. So while some of this may seem OBVIOUS, we have to tell you because sometimes its good to be reminded.  So when using this offer code we expect the following:

  • Don’t use this code multiple times with different email addresses. We love giving our guests free stuff but please don’t take advantage;

  • Don’t give our team members a hard time when you add a bunch of extras and the discount doesn’t cover the whole salad or pizza (see restrictions above);

  • Don’t blame us if your pizza tastes funky with crazy topping combinations, unlimited toppings doesn’t mean you SHOULD put strawberries and tofu on your pizza;

  • Don’t be a jerkface.  A jerkface is someone who discriminates, defrauds, hates, or acts like an idiot. Don’t do any of that.  We’ll ban you;

  • Don’t do other things that we don’t like, which is up to us;

If you follow the rules, you can stay. If you don’t, we can kick you out.  Our failure to enforce against one person is not a waiver to enforce our rights at any time for the same or different offenses.