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Kreider Farms - Lancaster, PA

In the spring of 1935, Noah W. Kreider and his wife, the former Mary R. Hershey, and their two young sons, Richard and Noah Jr., moved from Bird-In-Hand to her parents' farm on Doe Run Road. Mary was born and raised on the farm which had remained in the Hershey family since it was first settled in 1739. Her father, John B. Hershey, a distant relative of Milton Hershey, sold the farm to Noah and Mary as his health was failing. They started small with 102 acres of land, a dozen dairy cows, and 200 chickens. In the early years they took vegetables, grown in their garden, to Manheim and peddled them from house to house.

Noah and Mary's sons grew older and married, adjoining farms were bought and the Kreider Farms operation was up and running. Continued dairy expansion led to the decision in 1972 to build a processing plant and retail store where Kreider's started processing, bottling and selling their own milk and making their own ice cream.  Egg production grew rapidly until Kreider Farms would emerge as the largest egg producer in the state of Pennsylvania.


Today, the Kreider family, under the third generation leadership of Ron Kreider and a dedicated staff of approximately 450 people, operate a sizeable and diverse farming and consumer products business encompassing over 3,000 acres.

Noah and Mary Kreider lived a philosophy that emphasized high quality, hard work, and a willingness to take risks, while demonstrating the highest of moral and ethical values. Our principles, beliefs and "Mission" continue to guide Kreider Farms as we look to the opportunities of the future.

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New Day Farms - Bealton, VA

An organic farm dedicated to growing microgreens, was started by Ed Huling in Bealeton, VA. Inspired to grow these flavorful, young greens due to their impressive nutrient profile, Ed - a nutritionist, researcher, and farmer - practices regenerative agriculture to ensure the soil in which the greens are grown is as healthy as possible. Fantastic in salads, alongside eggs or on top of soups, New Day Farms' delightful, crisp microgreens are the perfect nutrient boost in any meal.


There aren't many farms with the same dedication
to nutrition as New Day Farms. They make every
decision based on optimal nourishment
and delicious flavor. They grow microgreens
because they burst with bioavailable antioxidants,
enzymes, and highly concentrated nutrients.